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get started - Mis-Sold Your Investment

You can complain directly to the firm that gave the advice or to the Financial Ombudsman Service for free. But why not speak to one of our experienced claims handlers who will be able to assess your case for you.

CLAIMS can help you -even if your investment was sold in the 1990s or 2000s

Remember, YOU may be entitled to compensation if the policy was mis-sold, or there were other problems with the investment. Even if you got back the amount you invested or made a profit there might be compensation due if the investment didn’t perform as well as the investment you should have been sold (or the relevant benchmark), based on your circumstances.


CLAIMS was set up to fight on behalf of consumers in respect of the widespread mis selling of investments.

During this time we have won millions of pounds for thousands of our clients all over the UK.

The Complaints & Compensation Specialists


CLAIMS are the financial services complaints specialists. Operating since the 1990’s as a partnership we became probably the first independent firm set up in the UK to fight on behalf of consumers in respect of the widespread (usually commission based) mis-selling of products, particularly mis-sold investments. We became a limited company in 2011.
During this time we have won millions of pounds for thousands of ordinary consumers all over the UK and in some cases beyond.

Mis-Sold Investments

Thousands of bank and building society customers have been ripped off over the last 30 years.

Mis-Sold Car Finance

Discover essential steps and tips for seeking redress if you've been affected by mis-sold car finance.

Mis-Sold Commercial Loans

Over the course of five years we have been active in investigating various interest rate hedging...

Fraud or Scam Refunds

For insights on navigating the process of securing refunds for scams or frauds you've fallen victim to start below.

Mis-sold Pensions

Have you been advised to start a pension or move an existing pension and wondering ...

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We have helped many people reclaim mis-sold pensions and investments. These are just some examples below. Average Claim is £3,998

A list of household names that mis sold policies


Policies that our clients have been compensated for: Unit Trusts, Guaranteed Investments, ISAs & PEPs, Investment Bonds