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    CLAIMS for Bad Investments Advice

    Thousands of bank and building society customers have been ripped off over the last 30 years. Now that the market bubble has burst some people have come to realise what dangerous investments their branch adviser put them into.

    Banks spot any large cash sum going into your account. When thousands come in from a house sale, a redundancy payment, a divorce, a legacy, or a pension lump sum on retirement they often encourage their customers to invest it in financial products. It is bad advice and practice if the banks gamble with your money to earn a large commission by putting it in risky or bad investments that are not properly explained to you.

    They may have said you had a “balanced attitude to risk” but what previous experience did you have of investment gambling? Could you really afford to potentially lose half of what they took?


    Alternatively you may have been sold a “Guaranteed Investment” such as the Lloyds Guaranteed Stock Market Bond, Nationwide Guaranteed Equity Bond or the NatWest Guaranteed Capital Bond. You  may not have even lost money from the initial investment amount however there may still be a claim as you have lost money against inflation and against the money you could have earned in an interest bearing fixed rate bond or savings account. We would then need to consider whether the advice was correct for you or not and whether you were given all the information you needed at the time of the sale.


    Call CLAIMS and we will investigate all possible grounds for complaint.


    Here is a list of some of the many products on which our clients have been awarded compensation.

    (if the product you were sold is not on this list, still call us and we will investigate it)

    Investment ISA's and PEPs

    Investment Bonds

    Unit Trusts



    Aviva Morley Balanced Global Income Fund
    Aviva Morley Cautious Global Income Fund
    Aviva Balanced Distribution Fund
    L&G Unit Trusts & ISA’s
    AXA / Norwich Union Distribution Bond
    Multi-Manager Protected Profits Plan


    Scottish Widows FTSE Guaranteed Income Bond
    Worldwide Growth Fund
    American Growth Fund
    UK Growth Fund
    Strategic Growth Funds
    Dynamic Income
    Corporate Bond Fund
    Environmental Investor
    Flexible Options Bond
    Transfers to Scottish Widows Retirement Account

    Halifax / Bank of Scotland

    Guaranteed Investment Plan
    Personal Investment Plan
    Collective Investment Plan
    Bonus Bond
    Home Plan

    Bradford & Bingley

    L&G Investment Bond
    AXA Equity & Law Bond
    M&G Maxi ISA